ACLU – Trump Immigration Ban

Watch Video: ACLU – Trump Immigration Ban

ACLU – Trump Immigration Ban

TRUMP ON IMMIGRATION “We’re rounding them up in a very human way, a very nice way.” Donald Trump has repeatedly pledged to deport within two years every At rallies in the last weeks of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump told his supporters “my plan ends illegal immigration and suspends immigration from The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is warning President-elect Donald Trump Donald Trump Trump has the blueprints to build a better, on-budget America Trump The ACLU believes that all immigration reform must create a welcoming roadmap to citizenship for aspiring Americans living in and contributing to the United States.A day after Trump’s big meeting with Mexico’s president & his Arizona immigration speech, his team is sending mixed messages once again. The policy is also It all started at San Bernardino. Two Muslim terrorists went on a shooting spree leaving 14 dead and many wounded. Trump jumped on it and ‘political incorrectness The latest NBC News/Survey Monkey poll shows Hillary Clinton up by 8 points over Donald Trump, a lead that has remained mostly unchanged since last week. MSNBC In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Khan said Trump has a “black soul” for questioning his wife, Ghazala Khan, who appeared alongside Khan at the The ACLU is attacking a public Christmas display, this time targeting a small, Louisiana town’s nativity scene.One of the architects of several of the nation’s most controversial immigration laws is set to join President-elect Donald Trump’s immigration policy transition team.

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